Our Core Product Styles


1 Book

A classic presentation box style, which is one complete unit with no detachable lid. Ideal for luxury gift items and spirits.


2 Matchbox

The Matchbox style is the ideal choice to make best use of your outer packaging, with the option to do a fully branded wrap, before revealing your product.


3 Shoebox

A luxury box style popular with luxury drink brands and premium gifts alike. You can customise the outer box and make a feature of the two piece format.


4 Hinged

Make impact with your packaging and choose concealed hinges or use them as a feature. The ideal choice to reveal your product with a showstopping box style.


5 Gate Fold

Add a more premium finish with this gate fold rigid box, giving your product more branding space and creative freedom.


6 Bespoke

Be as creative as you like and let us design a custom format for your product. With multiple sections, or lid styles, we can produce a rigid box with a difference.

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