Covering Materials

We are passionate about covering materials and paper.

The choice of paper, linen, leather or synthetic covering has a significant impact on the finish look at feel of your packaging. We understand the benefits of each stock and the importance of making the right choice for every item of luxury packaging.

A covering choice can reflect a brand without the need for any words. The texture, the pulp, the grain, the colour, the print compatibility, the weight and the process are all crucial elements, and having the right mix can protray a brands ethos. We will also help meet your environmental credentials.

This is where our expert knowledge can help your design team explore the various options.

We competively and pro-actively source covering materials to ensure we know all options available and we take time to build relationships with specialist suppliers so they can add value to projects.

We work closely with:

G . F Smith
Winter & Company

When you visit you can browse through our library of samples and be inspired!

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